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The beginning

The team behind have various backgrounds but we all share the same desire - to be consistent winners at sportsbetting. Together we have years of experience in betting sports and following handicappers and we use our knowledge to separate the winning handicappers from the losing marketers that perceive themselves as winners. In a business where there are hundred losers for every winner it's important to know what to look for and that's what we do best.

Service trackers that are suppose to ensure their readers that the handicappers are legit are often corrupted and never show the plays themselves or the odds of the plays from the handicappers, but only a total record. This leads to what economists call information asymmetry, where one party has more or better information than the other which creates an imbalance of power tilted in the handicappers favor - a market failure. Our goal is to close this gap and bring the bettors the information they deserve.

There are two reasons for handicappers not sharing a history of their plays with actual odds; either they don't know how to display it or they don't want to share it. The winning handicappers are exclusively in the former category and it is them that we are going to track and share with our members.

The process

We started out tracking handicappers and shared the results in our closed circle of interested bettors via mail, but keeping most of the information stored locally and forwarding current plays was no where near optimal and that is why the development of this site started.

We wanted to achieve three things:
  • Share the plays as soon as they are released by the handicapper and post them with an odds that was available at reputable sportsbooks by the time of release.
  • Have an open bookkeeping so that everyone could see exactly how the touts were doing at any given day and also have the ability to filter the plays to see which plays were optimal.
  • Stay within current copyright laws.

The result

And that's where we are now. After months of developing and testing we have now launched the future of following handicappers at this website. With our unique cutting edge spreadsheet anyone can easily see the results and the current plays from the handicappers we have decided worthy for our users.

We hope you will enjoy our service to the fullest and if you have any comment or feedback we encourage you to contact us by using the form accessible from the Contact page.

The Team

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